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Replacing Mirrors with Cameras: A View of the Future?

Posted 10:00 AM April 24th

One of the most commonly used tools for a driver might soon be replaced. Stoneridge Inc. is attempting to engineer a paradigm shift in how truckers stay aware of their surroundings by replacing side-view mirrors with camera systems which display side-views via in-cab screens. This change, the company says, can drastically expand a drivers field of vision, and therefore safety, while improving aerodynamics. … More Replacing Mirrors with Cameras: A View of the Future?

10 Tips for Creating an Ideal Sales Day

Posted 3:29 PM April 20th

It can be easy to look at an Ideal Sales Day Schedule in a vacuum, and think that its easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work and strategic planning to consistently put together a string of ideal sales days that add up to an ideal sales week, and then do it again and again and again until youve produced an ideal sales year. If you want to create ideal sales days for yourself, and do so consistently day-after-day, youll need to follow some of these 10 Tips for Creating a Dealers Ideal Day: … More 10 Tips for Creating an Ideal Sales Day

New Reporting from Commercial Truck Trader is a BIG DEAL

Posted 2:56 PM April 11th

Weve got some huge news to share: Commercial Truck Trader is launching new reporting tools for dealers who sell their commercial vehicles through!! This is a BIG DEAL. These reporting tools will provide dealers with a more advanced understanding of how buyers are interacting with their listings, how their inventory is performing, and how their inventory listings compare to competition in local and national markets, and more. … More New Reporting from Commercial Truck Trader is a BIG DEAL

The Dispatch Podcast E1: Success in Our Changing Industry (ft. Ken Taylor, Live at NADA 2018)

Posted 2:07 PM March 23rd

Hello and welcome to The Dispatch, a Commercial Sales Podcast where we talk about all things related to commercial trucks, equipment, and trailers. We do this in partnership with Trader Commercial Solutions and their brands,, and Im Ethan Smith and were broadcasting live from NADA / ATD 2018 in Las Vegas!! … More The Dispatch Podcast E1: Success in Our Changing Industry (ft. Ken Taylor, Live at NADA 2018)

An Ideal Sales Day vs. A Typical Day

Posted 1:59 PM March 19th

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a commercial sales consultant? Maybe not, but there absolutely are certain priorities and actions that can make a day ideal for a dealership. A commercial salespersons ideal day has its beginnings in the days and weeks beforehand, through a process known as strategic planning. A typical day that lacks previous planning means that we arrive to work unprepared to... … More An Ideal Sales Day vs. A Typical Day

A Truckers Best Friend

Posted 1:28 PM March 13th

Did you know that over 60% of OTR drivers are pet-owners, and that 40% take their pets on the road with them?? Thats according to a recent Harris poll, and it got us thinking about trucking with mans best friend. Bringing a dog on the road creates a fun and unique trucking experience, but there can actually be a lot that goes into preparing for and driving with a canine in the cab. Heres what you need to know about Dogs in Trucking!! … More A Truckers Best Friend

10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

Posted 10:36 AM February 22nd

2018 has so far been a breakthrough year. Our commercial sales training program has had more telephone calls in the last two months from dealerships who suddenly want to get into commercial sales than in the last five years combined. Over the last few years, sales have hit records as an improving economy, rising wages, and low interest rates have driven consumers to invest in new vehicles. … More 10 Vehicle Dealership Tips for Working Smarter

Completion of I-95 Fulfills A Decades-Old American Dream

Posted 10:15 AM February 13th

As news coverage focuses on improvements to our infrastructure, priced around $1.5 trillion, theres one big project from the early days of highway construction that still hasnt been finished: Interstate 95. The famous highway stretches along the East Coast, from Miami, Florida to the U.S.-Canada border crossing near Houlton, Maine. … More Completion of I-95 Fulfills A Decades-Old American Dream

Staying Connected On The Road

Posted 3:39 PM February 6th

Alabama's song, "Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)", is one of the more famous trucking songs out there. Central to the song is what is foremost in the heart of every trucker: a connection to family. Being away from loved ones is a well-known theme of the trucking life; a stereotype that's not accurate for every driver, but rooted in truth for many truckers on the road. This can make it tough for those behind the wheel to stay connected to their friends and family. … More Staying Connected On The Road

4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings

Posted 11:29 AM February 1st

Theres a reason Commercial Truck Trader is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling commercial vehicles. Well, actually, there are a few reasons. Today were going to talk about one that really excites our dealers: the opportunity to optimize their inventory listings so that they can more quickly and efficiently connect with the buyers who are most likely to be interested and make a purchase. … More 4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings